Ali Daei Wife Mona Farokhazari Share Two Daughters Nora and Deniz Daei

Mona Farokhazari, the spouse of Ali Daei, is an accomplished luxury brand marketer from Iran. Together, Mona and Ali share two daughters.

Ali, a former Iranian footballer, notably played for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga in 1998, leading his team to clinch the Bundesliga championship that season.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ali made significant contributions to his national team, scoring 109 goals in 149 games, earning him the title of the top goalscorer in international competitions. Despite being surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2021, Ali’s legacy remains strong, with notable achievements such as winning the AFC Asian Footballer of the Year in 1999 and being inducted into the Asian Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Even after retiring from professional football, Ali pursued a successful football management career for Iran. Meanwhile, his spouse Mona resides in Iran, where she runs a thriving jewelry business that has brought her wealth and recognition similar to Ali’s.

Recently, Mona faced travel restrictions imposed by Iranian authorities, preventing her from traveling to Dubai. Allegedly, Mona and her daughter were rerouted to Kish Island in Iran during a vacation trip to Dubai. This incident occurred amid Mona’s reported involvement in protests against the Iranian government.

Ali gained attention on November 14, 2022, when he declined FIFA’s official invitation for the World Cup as a gesture of solidarity with ongoing protests in Iran.

The Iranian government has taken action against numerous prominent individuals who supported the protests following the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, imposing travel bans on such figures from leaving Iran.

Mona Farokhazari, an Iranian entrepreneur born in Tehran in 1977, holds a graduate degree in food science. However, she shifted her career focus to jewelry, achieving remarkable success. Ali has acknowledged Mona’s significant earnings from her jewelry business, sometimes surpassing his own income. Despite government intervention leading to the closure of their business, Ali continues to support Mona in managing their jewelry venture.

The relationship between Ali and Mona began in 2004 when they met in Ardebil. They married in January 2005, surprising many of Ali’s fans who were unaware of his plans for marriage. Their wedding ceremony, attended by 5,000 guests, was held in Faraniah Halls of Tehran. Despite challenges, their bond remains strong, with Mona even developing an interest in football after meeting Ali, fully supporting him in his endeavors.

Ali and Mona are blessed with two daughters, Nora Daei and Deniz Daei, who live comfortably due to their family’s celebrity status. Deniz, Ali’s eldest daughter, resides in New York, while Nora lives in Iran with Ali, enjoying quality time together despite their busy schedules.

Despite geographical distance and busy schedules, the bond between Ali Daei and his daughters remains strong, reflecting the enduring strength of their family ties.

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