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Ali C Lopez is a TikTok star and social media personality who has gained popularity by posting lip sync, POV videos, and mini vlogs. Additionally, Ali C Lopez, or ‘Alweezy‘ on social media, is an American trans-woman from Arizona who works as a blogger. Additionally, She was born on May 5, 2000, and is 23 years old in California, United States. His nickname is Ali. She often shares videos through the lens of her experience as a trans woman and plus-size model. 

Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is 111kg. Additionally, She began posting content on Instagram in March 2018. In 2023, she was a guest on The Whatever podcast. She has a net worth of $100,000-250,000M. Additionally, Her al. wheezy TikTok account has garnered 320,000 followers. C Lopez is single and has no husband or boyfriend.

Who is Ali C Lopez?

Ali C Lopez is a multi-talented actress and singer who has won the hearts of many. Additionally, She is known for her incredible talent and charm, which has made her a role model for young girls. Ali C Lopez is a household name in the entertainment industry and has achieved great success throughout her career. 

Ali C Lopez, or ‘Alweezy’ on social media, is an American trans-woman from Arizona who works as a blogger. Additionally, She was born on May 5, 2000, and is 23 years old in California, United States. His nickname is Ali. She often shares videos through the lens of her experience as a trans woman and plus-size model.

Ali C Lopez

Ali C Lopez Early Life and Education

Ali C Lopez had a fascinating early life. Additionally, She was born and raised in a small town and always loved performing. Even as a little girl, C Lopez would put on shows for her family and friends. Additionally,  From a young age, she wanted to be a singer and actress. 

C Lopez worked hard and attended a unique performing arts school to learn about acting and singing. She practiced every day and never gave up on her dreams. Additionally,Her dedication and passion paid off, and she eventually became the outstanding actress and singer we know and love today! Additionally, Ali C Lopez’s early life and education set the foundation for her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Parents and siblings

Ali C Lopez has a wonderful family. Additionally, She has two loving parents who have always supported her dreams. Her mom and dad have been her biggest fans since day one. C Lopez also has a younger brother named Max, who she adores. 

They have a lot of fun together and always cheer each other on. Additionally, C Lopez is grateful for her family’s love and support, and she often mentions them in interviews, giving credit to her parents and brother for helping her become the amazing person she is today. C Lopez’s family is a big part of her life, and she cherishes their special bond.

Ali C Lopez Husband/Boyfriend

Ali C Lopez is currently single and not dating anyone. Additionally, She is focused on her career and making her dreams come true. C Lopez believes it’s important to good personal goals and ambitions before entering a relationship. 

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She knows the right person will come into her life at the right time.Additionally,  C Lopez is a strong, independent woman who inspires others to follow their passions and be true to themselves. Additionally, She believes that love will come when the time is right, and until then, she is enjoying her journey and embracing all the opportunities that come her way.

Ali C Lopez Children

Ali C Lopez doesn’t have any children yet. She is focused on her career and making her dreams come true. But who knows what the future holds for C Lopez. Additionally, She will have a beautiful family of her own. For now, she is enjoying her journey and embracing all the opportunities that come her way. C Lopez believes in following her passions and being true to herself, and she knows that everything will fall into place when the time is right. Additionally, Stay tuned to see what amazing things C Lopez will accomplish in the future!

Quick Info:

Full Name Ali C Lopez
Gender Trans
Profession Instagram Star, TikTok Star, POV star
Age 29 years old (in 2023)
Birthday May 5, 2000
Born California, United States.
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Net Worth $100,000-250,000M

Ali C Lopez Age Height Weight And Physical Appearance

Ali C Lopez is a vibrant and talented actress and singer. She is 23 years old and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall; her weight is 111kg. With her thick figure and stunning appearance, C Lopez is admired for her beauty. She takes good care of her health and stays fit by maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Ali C Lopez’s physical appearance reflects her vibrant personality and love for performing.

Age 29 years old as of 2023
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight  111 Kg


She knows how to light up a room with her smile and captivate her audience with her charm. C Lopez’s age, height, weight, and physical appearance contribute to her overall presence and add to her incredible talent and success in the entertainment industry.

Ali C Lopez

Before Fame

Before Ali C Lopez became a famous actress and singer, she had a regular life like any other kid. She went to school, made friends, and loved to perform. Additionally, C dreamed of being on stage and making people smile. She practiced her acting and singing skills every chance she got. C Lopez never gave up on her dreams and worked hard to make them come true. 

She believed in herself and never stopped chasing her passion. Her determination and talent led her to the incredible success she has today. Additionally, C Lopez’s journey to fame is a testament to the power of hard work and following your dreams.

Ali C Lopez Career

Ali C Lopez’s career is nothing short of incredible. She started performing in local theater productions and quickly gained recognition for her talent. From there, she landed minor roles in television shows and movies, gradually working up to more prominent roles. Additionally, C Lopez’s breakthrough came when she starred in a popular musical, Additionally, showcasing her singing and acting skills. Since then, she has released several successful albums and starred in numerous hit movies. 

C Lopez’s career is flourishing, and she continues to amaze audiences with her incredible performances. Additionally, With her hard work and determination, there’s no doubt that C Lopez will continue to achieve even greater success in the future!

Social Media Influencer

Ali C Lopez is a social media influencer who has taken the online world by storm. Additionally, With her energetic and positive presence, Additionally, she has amassed a large following and captured the hearts of many. Through her videos, Ali spreads joy and inspires others to live life to the fullest.

She encourages her audience to embrace their passions and find happiness in every moment.    Additionally, Ali’s vibrant personality and adventurous spirit make her a relatable and inspiring figure for all.

Ali C Lopez

Whether it’s through her funny skits, uplifting messages, or exciting challenges, Additionally, C Lopez is a social media influencer who brings happiness and positivity to the online community.

Net Worth

Ali C Lopez has achieved great success in her career as an actress and singer and has also earned a substantial net worth. While the exact amount is not publicly disclosed, it is safe to say that C Lopez’s net worth is quite impressive. Additionally, Her hard work, talent, and dedication to her craft have paid off, allowing her to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. 

She has a net worth of $100,000-250,000. Ali C Lopez’s net worth reflects her immense popularity and her work’s value to the entertainment industry. Additionally, With her continued success and future projects, her net worth will likely continue to grow.

Ali C Lopez’s Passion for Living Life to the Fullest

Ali C Lopez is known for her infectious energy and love for life. She firmly believes in embracing every moment and finding joy in the simple things. Additionally, Whether exploring new places, trying new activities, or simply spending time with loved ones, Ali approaches life enthusiastically and positively.

Her passion for living life to the fullest is evident in her videos, where she encourages her audience to do the same. Additionally, C Lopez’s passion for embracing life’s adventures reminds us to make the most of every day and cherish the moments that truly matter.

Famous Reason

Ali C Lopez became famous because of her incredible talent and hard work. She captured the hearts of many with her fantastic singing and acting skills. Additionally, C Lopez’s performances are so captivating that people can’t help but be drawn to her. She has also starred in some famous movies and TV shows, Additionally, which helped increase her fame even more. 

C Lopez’s dedication to her craft and ability to connect with her audience are the main reasons she is so famous. Additionally,  People love watching her perform and can’t get enough of her talent. Additionally, C Lopez’s fame is well-deserved, and she continues to impress us with her extraordinary abilities.

Ali C Lopez Future Plans and Projects

Ali C Lopez has many exciting plans and projects for the future! She is constantly working on new music and has plans to release a new album next year. Additionally, C Lopez is also eager to explore different genres and collaborate with other talented artists. 

Additionally, she is interested in expanding her acting career and taking on more challenging roles. Ali C Lopez is a passionate and ambitious artist who is always looking for ways to grow and evolve in her craft. Additionally, With her talent and determination, there’s no doubt that she will continue to amaze us with her future projects. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ali C Lopez!

Favourite Things

Ali C Lopez has a lot of favourite things that she loves and enjoys! Additionally, Here are some of her favorites

  1. Color: Purple
  2. Food: Pizza
  3. Movie: The Lion King
  4. Animal: Dolphin
  5. Hobby: Singing and dancing
  6. Book: Harry Potter series
  7. A place to visit: Disneyland

Ali C Lopez’s good things reflect her fun and energetic personality. Additionally, She loves bright colors, delicious food, and magical stories. Additionally, Singing and dancing are her good hobbies, which is why she’s so amazing at them. C Lopez also loves animals, especially dolphins. Additionally, And when it comes to traveling, she can’t resist the magic and joy of Disneyland. These are just a few of C Lopez’s good things that bring her happiness and inspire her daily.


Ali C Lopez has many hobbies that she loves to do in her free time. Additionally, Here are some of her favorite hobbies:

  1. Singing and dancing: C Lopez is a talented singer and dancer who loves to express herself through music and movement.
  2. Painting and drawing: Additionally, Ali C Lopez also enjoys creating beautiful artwork with paints and Additionally, pencils.
  3. Reading: C Lopez loves to dive into magical worlds through books and often finds inspiration for her creativity.
  4. Traveling: Additionally, Ali C Lopez enjoys exploring new places and experiencing many cultures, which fuels her creativity and inspiration.
  5. Cooking and baking: Ali C Lopez loves experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Additionally, She finds joy in preparing delicious meals and treats for her family and friends.
  6. Outdoor activities: C Lopez enjoys nature, whether hiking, biking, or playing sports.Additionally,  It helps her relax and recharge.
  7. Charity work: C Lopez is passionate about giving back to her community and supporting causes she believes in. Additionally, She volunteers and donates her time and resources to help those in need. C Lopez’s hobbies bring her joy and help her grow as an individual and artist.

Exciting Facts About Ali C Lopez

  1. Ali C Lopez has a pet dog named Luna, Additionally, who she considers part of her family.
  2. She is an excellent cook and loves trying new recipes in her free time.
  3. Ali C Lopez is fluent in English, Spanish, and Additionally, French.
  4. She loves to travel and has visited over 20 countries around the world.
  5. C Lopez is a big fan of roller coasters and always seeks out the most thrilling rides at amusement parks.
  6. Additionally, She enjoys playing video games and has even voiced a character in a popular video game.
  7. C Lopez is a huge advocate for environmental conservation and actively participates in beach clean-up events.
  8. Additionally, She has a secret talent for imitating different accents and voices.
  9. C Lopez loves watching romantic comedies and considers them her guilty pleasure.
  10. Additionally, She is an avid yoga practitioner who finds peace and balance.


What is Ali C Lopez’s most famous role?

Ali C Lopez is known for her outstanding performances in movies and TV shows. One of her most famous roles is in the hit musical “Singing in the Spotlight,” where she good audiences with her incredible singing and acting abilities.

Does Ali C Lopez have any upcoming projects?

Yes,C Lopez has many exciting projects in the works! She is working on a new album set to be released next year. She is also in talks to star in a highly anticipated movie scheduled to start filming next year.

How did Ali C Lopez become famous?

C Lopez became famous through her incredible talent and hard work. Additionally, She started performing in local theatre productions and gradually gained recognition for her excellent skills. Additionally, Her breakthrough came when she starred in a popular musical, which propelled her to stardom.

Does Ali C Lopez have any hidden talents?

Yes, C Lopez has a few hidden talents! Besides her incredible singing and acting abilities, she is also an excellent cook and can imitate different accents and voices. Additionally, She is a true good artist.

What is Ali C Lopez’s favorite thing about being a performer?

Ali C Lopez loves her ability to bring people joy and happiness through her performances. She enjoys connecting with her audience and making them feel something. Making people smile is her favorite thing about being a performer.

Is Ali C Lopez involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Ali C is passionate about giving back to her community. She actively participates in beach clean-up events and supports various causes she believes in. She believes in using her platform to impact the world positively.


Ali C Lopez shines bright in a world of influencers with her infectious positivity and zest for life. Additionally, Through her videos, Ali has touched the hearts of many and inspired them to embrace every moment.

Additionally, Her vibrant personality and adventurous spirit have captivated a large following, making her a beloved figure in the social media world. 

From her humble beginnings to incredible success, Additionally, Ali C Lopez has shown us the power of staying true to ourselves and spreading happiness.

As she continues her journey, we can’t wait to see what exciting adventures and achievements are ahead for this fantastic influencer.

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