Adriel Alvarado Pennsylvania, Transgender Activist Monae Alvarado Husband Was Stabbed To Death

Monae Alvarado, a transgender activist, encountered her spouse, Adriel Alvarado, during their time incarcerated at a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution. At 29, Monae was detained due to her gender identity, and they were both housed in a medium-security prison for men.

Monae had previously been arrested for robbery, while Adriel was serving time for unlawful possession of a firearm, stemming from a parole violation related to a prior third-degree murder conviction.

Adriel, born to Yolanda and Adriel Alvarado in Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, met Monae in the prison’s pantry. Monae, a transgender woman, had been sentenced to three years for theft and was released in 2017.

Despite the 2012 Jail Rape Elimination Act (PREA Standards), which advocates for the protection of LGBTQ individuals who do not conform to gender stereotypes, Monae wasn’t transferred to a women’s prison facility until 2015.

Tragically, Adriel Alvarado, Monae’s spouse, has reportedly passed away, allegedly due to being stabbed. Monae confirmed this news through her YouTube channel and has shared a tribute video in memory of her late spouse. Fans have also expressed condolences on Twitter.

Both Adriel and Monae faced challenges and harassment from both inmates and prison staff during their time incarcerated, including Adriel being assaulted by members of his gang multiple times.

Adriel Alvarado Jr., the son of Yolanda and Adriel Alvarado, along with Carmen and the late Andre Alvarado, Maria A Guzman Corcino, and Heriberto Reyes as grandparents, was part of Adriel’s family story. Adriel, aged 36 at the time of his passing, and Monae faced difficulties not only in initiating their relationship behind bars but also in dealing with hostility from fellow inmates and prison personnel.

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