Actor Julian Mcmahon Illness and Health Update After FBI Most Wanted Exit, Why is Jess Leaving?

Following March 8th, Julian will be succeeded by Dylan McDermott in the upcoming episodes. Some fans have indicated that if Julian’s performance fails to capture their interest, they might no longer continue watching the show.

Julian Mcmahon initially entered the acting scene with his debut in the soap series “Home and Away,” portraying the character of soldier Ben Lucini alongside Danni Minogue.

As for Julian Mcmahon’s health after his exit from FBI: Most Wanted, there is no official information available regarding any illness. In recent episodes of the show, Julian Mcmahon, also known as William McMahon, will be stepping away from his role as Special Agent Jess LaCroix.

Julian doesn’t stroll with a stagger, although some of his co-stars and fans perceive his gait as peculiar. However, it’s worth noting that he underwent back surgery in 2010 and later visited Australia when his mother faced a cancer diagnosis.

The decision for Julian Mcmahon’s departure from Most Wanted is attributed to his pursuit of other creative ventures and the desire for a character change, specifically for Jess LaCroix, according to insiders. Ongoing discussions have facilitated a smooth and purposeful exit strategy from the program.

Julian is eager to explore different opportunities, a common occurrence in the fast-paced world of scripted TV, particularly with a show that produces numerous episodes each season.

Regarding Julian Mcmahon’s personal life, he has been through two previous marriages and divorces. However, it seems that the adage “third time’s the charm” holds true, as he is currently married to Kelly Paniagua. The couple, who dated for several years, tied the knot in 2014. Kelly Paniagua, a model of Portuguese and Spanish descent, is nine years younger than Julian.

Julian commenced his relationship with Brooke Burns in 2003, just two years after his divorce from another Brooke Burns, whom he had been married to for a brief period.

Details about Julian Mcmahon’s family reveal that he was born on July 27, 1968, in Sydney, Australia. In the early 1970s, his father, Sir William McMahon, served as the Prime Minister of Australia. His mother, Lady Sonia, worked as an attaché for fashion entrepreneur Yves St. Laurent. The family included Melinda, his elder sister, and Debbie, his younger sister. Despite their prominent status and a life of luxury, his parents insisted on assigning chores to their children.

Julian McMahon’s net worth is disclosed to be over $16 million. As a renowned and successful Australian actor, he has achieved substantial financial success in his career.

Julian attended Sydney Grammar School, an exclusive boys’ institution, where he aspired to be a military cadet and participate in rugby.

Despite his minimal interest in academics, he briefly studied law and economics at the University of Wollongong. Julian gained a reputation as a model in prominent cities such as Milan, New York City, London, Rome, and Paris.

While working in Europe, he faced a family tragedy when his father passed away. Julian returned to Australia for the funeral, during which time he appeared in several Levi’s advertisements. This exposure ultimately led him to secure a role on the television series Home and Away.

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