4 Types of Cool Rooms

Whether you’re hosting an epic party, running a bustling restaurant, or just trying to beat the Aussie heat, having a cool room on hand can be a total lifesaver. But not all cool rooms are created equal. From industrial freezers to fancy fridges, there’s a wide variety to choose from, depending on your needs.

As a company specialising in mobile cool rooms in Brisbane and surrounding areas, Cool Room Hire has seen it all when it comes to these refrigerated storage units. That’s why I’m going to break down the four types and give you the inside scoop.

But first, let’s start with the two overarching classifications.

Freezers vs. Fridges

At the highest level, cool rooms fall into one of two camps – freezers or fridges.

Freezers are designed to keep things at freezing temperatures, usually around -18°C (0°F). They’re perfect for long-term storage of frozen foods, ice creams, or anything else that needs to stay solidly frozen.

Fridges, on the other hand, hover around the 2-4°C (35-39°F) mark. This is the ideal temperature range for safely chilling fresh produce, beverages, dairy, and most packaged foods. Anywhere colder and you risk accidental freezing.

While both freezers and fridges are types of cool rooms, they each have unique purposes. Now let’s dive into the 4 specific cool room styles.

Keeping It Cool: The 4 Main Types of Cool Rooms

1. Modular Cool Rooms

These are basically cool rooms in a box – self-contained refrigerated units made from insulated panels. Modular cool rooms come pre-assembled for easy setup, or they can be constructed on-site from the individual panels.

Since they’re so compact yet highly customisable in size, modular units make great mobile cool rooms for events, parties, cafes, and anywhere you need temporary refrigerated storage. The downside is their smaller capacity compared to larger walk-in options.

2. Walk-In Cool Rooms

As the name suggests, walk-in cool rooms are refrigerated spaces that are large enough for people to enter. With plenty of room for shelving and even some workspace, they’re a staple for restaurants, grocers, florists, and other businesses needing ample chilled storage.

Walk-ins are highly versatile and can be permanent fixtures or temporary setups. However, their larger size makes walk-in units more expensive and less portable than modular options. Getting a mobile cool room hire can help offset those higher costs.

3. Combined Cool Rooms

Can’t decide between a freezer and a fridge? Then a combined cool room could be the answer! These units have separate temperature-controlled chambers under one roof – a freezer section and a refrigerated section.

The two-in-one setup is super convenient for businesses that need to store both frozen and chilled items. No more running back and forth between separate freezers and fridges! Combined cool rooms optimise workflow while still providing temperature flexibility.

4. Industrial Cool Rooms

When you really need to chill on a massive scale, it’s time to go industrial. These are the heavy-duty, extra-large cool rooms built for major manufacturing, food processing, cold storage facilities, and serious bulk refrigeration.

With their heavy-gauge insulation, robust construction, and powerful refrigeration systems, industrial cool rooms can maintain set temperatures even in the most demanding environments. Just be prepared – these bad boys don’t come cheap!

No matter which type of cool room suits your needs, they all essentially work the same way. Using refrigerant gases and compressors, the units remove heat from the insulated interior to create that chilled or frozen environment we all know and love.

When to Freeze or Chill: Knowing Your Cool Room Needs

Now that you’re versed in the main types of cool rooms, you might be wondering – when do I actually need a freezer versus a fridge? Here’s a quick rundown of the typical situations for each:

You Need a Freezer Cool Room If…

  • You’re storing frozen foods long-term (think months)
  • You need to keep ice cream, gelato, or frozen treats solid
  • You’re a butcher, fishmonger, or dealing with large volumes of frozen meats
  • You run an ice manufacturing/distribution business
  • You require extremely consistent sub-zero temperatures

Frozen items really do keep best in a stable, freezing environment of around -18°C. Anything warmer and you risk deterioration, freezer burn, and spoilage over time. Freezer cool rooms create that deep freeze to ensure maximum preservation.

You Need a Fridge Cool Room If…

  • You have fruits, veggies, dairy, or fresh produce to keep chilled
  • You’re stocking beverages that need to stay cool (but not frozen)
  • You’re working with packaged, perishable goods like meats, deli items, etc.
  • You require refrigerated short-term storage (days/weeks)
  • Your business demands flexible chilled and room temp zones

The precise temperature control of a fridge cool room is ideal for this short-term chilling. It creates the optimum environment to extend shelf life without freezing items solid. Most perishables last longest in this Goldilocks zone of refrigeration.

No matter if you’re freezing or just chilling, the right cool room can be an absolute game-changer! Proper refrigeration is key to preserving quality and freshness.

So, to get more expert advice on which to choose, contact Cool Room Hire in Brisbane today!

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