12 Reasons Why Aluminium Doors are Better than Wooden Doors?

When renovating or building your dream Aussie home, there are a million decisions – but one of the biggest is what material to choose for your doors. For centuries, wood was the go-to choice, with that classic look and feel. But in modern times, aluminium doors have been gaining serious momentum as the smarter option for Australian homeowners.

As a longtime door installer, I’ve witnessed the pros and cons of wood and aluminium up close and personal on countless job sites. While wooden doors give you that traditional vibe, they also come with many hassles and headaches that aluminium doesn’t have. From brutal maintenance and vulnerability to the elements to security issues and fire hazards, timber doors seem to be problems waiting to happen.

On the other hand, aluminium doors deliver amazing durability, resilience, energy efficiency, and eye-catching style with minimal upkeep required. When you tally up all the benefits aluminium brings to the table, it becomes crystal clear why this material is the future for door products in Australia.

Why Aluminium Doors Smash Wooden Doors

Here are the top 12 reasons why aluminium doors totally smash their wooden rivals.

1: No More Repainting Ever!

One of the biggest gripes I hear about wooden doors is the endless sanding and repainting needed to keep them looking box-fresh. With aluminium? A simple wipe-down now and then is all it takes to retain that sleek shine for decades on end. No more repainting rigmarole!

2: Built Like a Tank

Aluminium doors are tough as nails. I’ve seen them shrug off blistering summers, lashing storms, you name it – while wooden doors warp, swell, and rot over time. With aluminium, you get incredible long-term durability.

3: They Last and Last

How long do you think a solid wood door might last? 15-20 years if you’re lucky? With aluminium, you could be looking at 40 years or more of reliable life! Odds are, you’ll never need to replace them.

4: The Fire-Proof Barrier

Imagine not having to worry about your doors being a fire hazard—that’s the beauty of aluminium. While a wooden door can fuel flames, aluminium doors are fire-resistant champs. In the unfortunate event of a fire, an aluminium door won’t contribute to the spread of the fire, offering you and your loved ones added peace of mind. This makes aluminium the go-to choice for safety-conscious homeowners looking to reduce fire risks in their properties.

5: No More Stuck Situations

We’ve all been there – the wooden door that swells shut because of high humidity. With aluminium’s stellar dimensional stability, you never have to lose your door jam over stuck doors again.

6 Nature’s Worst No Match

From coastal air to extreme heat and cold, aluminium withstands Australia’s harsh elements without corroding or deteriorating over time. Finding a timber door that can is like striking gold.

7: Bang for Your Buck

While fancy wooden doors can see prices go through the roof, aluminium doors like stylish aluminium French hinged doors are refreshingly affordable upfront, especially considering their durability over decades.

8: Savings on Your Energy Bill

Aluminium doors with insulated cores can work like a thermal shield, drastically reducing heat transfer. That means lower heating and cooling costs for you all year round – nice! Embracing the energy-efficient properties of aluminium can make a significant dent in your utility bills, keeping your home comfortable in both the sweltering heat of summer and the chilly winter months. Plus, being environmentally conscious never hurts!

10: Tons of Design Options

From traditional to contemporary styles, aluminium doors come in many designs to suit any home’s aesthetic. You can also choose various colours and finishes to make the perfect statement for your abode.

11: Even More Secure Than Wood

Aluminium is naturally more rigid than wood, making it an excellent choice for security-conscious homeowners. Plus, most aluminium doors offer advanced locking systems that

9: The Eco-Friendly Option

When it comes time to replace your aluminium doors many years from now, you can feel good knowing the material is incredibly recyclable. It’s way better than having old doors clogging up the tip!

10: Crook-Proof Security

I’ve seen my share of banged-up doors from break-in attempts. Aluminium’s solid core construction makes it extremely hard to break, bash, or pry open. It’s superior security over wood.

11: Design Dreamland

Want sleek and modern or ornate and decorative? Aluminium doors come in seemingly endless designs and colours to match your home’s aesthetic. You can even get them powder-coated in any colour you can dream up!

12: Boosting Your Property Value

Aluminium doors aren’t just smart for utility; they’re smart investments, too. Having them fitted tells future buyers you used premium, long-lasting materials that can boost your property’s resale value.

The Choice is Clear

So, there you have it – a dozen cracking reasons why aluminium doors utterly eclipse wooden doors on performance, aesthetics, security and value. When my mates ask for my recommendation on which door material to go for, there’s only one answer I give: aluminium!

If you’re keen to enjoy all the incredible benefits of aluminium doors on your home, get in touch with the experienced team at Aussie Aluminium Enterprise. With over 25 years of creating quality doors for Aussies, they’ll sort you out with the perfect aluminium doors to make your home a total stunner.

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